Keystone Killy Group

Original painting by Kenneth L McKeighen, 2010

Meetings are  scheduled at 1:00 PM usually on the second Saturday of the month at members' homes. Visitors are welcome. Directions to the meetings will be sent to registered members.


The Keystone Killy Group (founded 1985) is the affiliate club of the American Killifish Association serving the eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland area. It is beginning its 40th year as a group, having survived name changes and location changes. A few of the original Delaware Valley Killifish Association (circa 1970) are still active members. For a while it was merged into the Philadelphia Panchax Society and then reborn as the Pocono Killifish Group (in 1982). Its primary purpose is to foster exchange of information, supplies, food, and fishes. The KKG does not now have any membership requirement for attending meetings, but we expect attendees to actively participate in meetings and support the club by buying or selling in the auction. Annual dues are $10 per family. Attendees at the meetings are asked to contribute $5.00 to help defray the cost of refreshments. The host of the meeting will receive up to $100 to help compensate for the cost ofrefreshments.

 2018 KKG (CAKC) Meetings Scheduled
July 8 No Meeting Scheduled
August 18 Picnic - George Davis (302-764-2580) 1210 Norbee Drive, Wilmington, DE
September xx Picnic - Cris Diaz (703-754-3221) 2608 Alvey Drive, Haymarket, VA
October 13 - Mike Trzonkowski (302-738-0425) 4 Adelaide Court, Newark, DE 19702 November 10 Joel Antkowiak (845-406-1917) 36 Dawkins Drive, East Earl, PA 17519 December 8 No Meeting Scheduled

Contact info:
Lee Harper
535 Gradyville Road
Newtown Square, PA 19073